Blank cutting tools

More than 30 years of experience, as well as around 1,200 manufactured blanking tools enable Schwarz to offer a wide range of these tools for different component complexities and output quantities.

These can be up to 8-fold drop and thus enable a high productivity of the press. The optimisation of material utilisation through efficient strip plans is a key objective in the design of our blanking tools.

Here we can draw on the latest tool concepts and a wealth of experience in completed projects. Our optimised process approach of standardised design templates and consistent team production enables us to achieve very short delivery times. Our blanking tools also have a significantly shorter or no training period at the customer's site.
Our speciality is the production of universal cutting tools. Thanks to the production of different derivatives, several different blanks can be produced with one tool, even across projects. The adjustment to new blanks is of course highly automated. Thanks to the integration of mechatronic components, our tool designs ensure reduced investment costs and increased productivity.

Universal cutting tool

The universal cutting tool is a system developed by us, with which the most diverse blank sizes can be produced with only one tool.

Platinum transport and tool settings are highly automated by means of servo drives, and the mechatronic control can be operated independently of the machine control.


Transfer gate

Conveyor for blank discharge

Strip lifter

Extracts of cutting sequences

Blank cut 1


SurfaceClass A surface, large scrap pieces, utility waste
Tool typeBlank cutting tool, one blank per stroke
TechnologySliders for strip support, drainage, useful parts
Press environment-

Blank cut 2


MaterialSteel, Aluminium
SurfaceDischarge of the blank with synchronously driven vacuum rollers
Tool typeBlank cutting tool, two blanks per stroke
TechnologyBlank discharge via magnetic roller, vacuum ejector
Press environment-

Blank cut 3


MaterialHigh-strength, ultra-high-strength steel
SurfaceMany feeds, low board tolerances, two laser edges per board
Tool typeBlank cutting tool up to eight blanks per stroke
TechnologyPusher, search in fine-cut holes, blank discharge with integrated conveyor system
Press environment-

Blank cut 4


MaterialSteel, high and ultra-high strength, dual-phase steel
GeometryInteraction of material property, tolerance, geometry
Tool typeStep tool, transfer tool, double part production
Press environmentGT Press, KG Press, Transfer Press