Occupational fields at Schwarz Werkzeugbau

Schwarz Werkzeugbau has been a successful manufacturer of blank cutting, progressive, step and transfer tools for 50 years. The future of toolmaking lies in the modern technologies that we use every day. But craftsmanship will always be a central component of our quality. We invest a lot in the training and further education of our own skilled workers and offer interesting career prospects.

Our claim is not only to deliver the best product quality. With every project, we want to successfully push the boundaries of what is technically possible.

CNC programmer

CNC programmers create programmes for the automated, program-controlled and machining production of workpieces. They convert our specifications from technical drawings into functional sequences of the respective milling machines that are suitable for the material and production and assist in rectifying faults.


Calculators determine the prices for our products and services. This demanding job usually requires a qualification as a master craftsman or technician.


Design engineer

Design engineers at Schwarz develop design-related solution concepts and drafts. They are involved in the new design of components and groups or create variants of existing designs.


Financial accountant

Financial accountants organise and monitor our financial accounting. They account for receipts, manage accounts, check balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. They also file our tax returns and determine values such as trade tax liability and payment amount. They calculate leasing and amortisation rates and estimate types of financing.


Project Manager

Project managers oversee our projects from conception to technical and organisational execution. A qualification as a master craftsman or technician is usually required for this demanding job.


Payroll accountant

You organise, manage and monitor payroll accounting and prepare remuneration statements for our employees, taking into account the relevant regulations. For this purpose, you manage and maintain the data relevant for payroll accounting, keep payroll accounts for all employees and prepare any certificates and work papers that arise. You are the contact person for our employees.


Controllers analyse our key business figures, market data and business results. They ensure transparency in the business processes and thus contribute to a higher profitability of the company.